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To Assure Pregnancy: Different Types Of Pregnancy Tests

Being pregnant or conceiving a baby is a dream for every woman. And a pregnancy test is done to determine if a woman is pregnant or not. The process of pregnancy enhances a hormone in women’s body called the human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). This hormone gets released in the blood and urine of women. Pregnancy tests are done to detect hCG hormone and thus pregnancy is confirmed.

When should one opt for pregnancy test?

A woman should try a pregnancy test kit at home at least one week after missing period to confirm if she is pregnant or not. To get more accurate result one should visit doctor’s chamber. The amount of hormone is directly proportional to the length or time of pregnancy. Thus pregnancy test also determines the span of pregnancy.

Types of pregnancy tests are performed:

To confirm pregnancy three types of pregnancy tests can be performed.  They are:

  • Urine test through home pregnancy kit-

One can easily confirm if she has conceived or not through performing urine pregnancy test kit at home. These test kits are available in market in digital and standard stick forms. The test kit detects the quantity of pregnancy hormone or hCG released through urine. Test can be performed within 4-6 days of your missed period and it should be done in the morning as at that time the hormone level and urine will be in more concentrated form. Some hold the pregnancy strip in the urine stream and some other collect the urine and place one or two drop on the strip. Then after waiting for 3-5 minutes the result comes pretty much clear. Again it should be kept in mind that if the test is done too early then one can get a false result. All pregnancy tests last for 2 to 3 years after production.

  • Clinical urine test-

The above mentioned urine test can also be performed at doctor’s office. The principle behind of both the tests are same but the test performed at clinic give us more specific result.

  • Blood test-

This test is the ultimatum to confirm pregnancy at a doctor’s clinic and it eliminate any possible doubts regarding pregnancy as it gives more accurate and precise result. This test can be done on the first day of missed period as it detects the hCG level in the blood stream. A doctor or midwife take out blood samples to test it in laboratory and thus confirms the result. The blood tests can detect the presence of HCG much earlier than with the case of urine. But these tests take much longer and are on the expensive side as well.

To conclude, the total cost of a blood pregnancy test is dependent on the clinic you choose along with the type of insurance cover you have in place. Ideally you would need to pay around $ 75 for this service. If the results are uncertain you would need a re test that in most cases would require you to shell out more.


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