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Carbohydrate Needs During Pregnancy

To be healthy every people need some ingredients to take in regular basis. And when you are pregnant then you should be more careful with your diet. One of the important diets is carbohydrate. It provides essential fuel and acts as a primary source of energy for both mother and her baby within the womb. Thus doctors or paediatricians always prescribe to consume low-carbohydrate diet during pregnancy. But all carbohydrates don’t act same. So what to consume should be known to all.

Carbohydrate happens to be the main source of energy in your diet. It is the fuel for both the mother and the baby but not all carbs are considered to be equal. Carbohydrates can be classified into higher and low levels. Foods that tend to be broken slowly are referred to as low type carbohydrate which is known to keep the blood sugar levels stable. They are a healthy option and needs to be considered  over high refined carbohydrates as far as possible. Typical examples in this regard are banana , sweet potato, pulses along with chicken peas to name a few.

Which carbohydrates to take during pregnancy?

Carbohydrate foods during pregnancy  transforms into energy by simply broken down into simple sugar or glucose and they can easily pass through the placenta. This supports the growing baby in the womb and to grow well. Thus during pregnancy carbohydrate foods or starchy foods like bread, potatoes, pasta, rice and cereal should be consumed as they give a lot of energy and other important nutrients like calcium, iron and B vitamins which help in baby’s development. This also influence in blood glucose and insulin levels which also see a rapid increase and these foods are known as high GI foods. Again some foods which broken down slowly keeps blood sugar level more stable and are healthier than the high GI foods. These foods are called low GI foods like bananas, sweet potatoes, porridge generally made from rolled oats, chickpeas and other pulses, wholegrain breads, cereals, etc. If a pregnant woman consumes these foods then it will help to reduce the risk of gestational diabetes and other pregnancy related complications. So it will be always a wise decision to choose a slow-release, fibre-rich low GI carbohydrates, balanced with some higher GI foods for pregnant ladies which will boost up their energy during pregnancy. A healthy diet also includes proteins, healthy fat, vitamins and minerals besides carbohydrates.

How much carbohydrates should be consumed for a pregnant lady?

Pregnant ladies should keep in mind about the quantity and quality of food that should be taken during the incredible days of pregnancy. Approximately 9 to 11 dishes can be consumed on a daily basis. But those who are over-weight and having a history of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) should think twice about their diet and consult with their doctor and nutritionist. During pregnancy blood sugar levels remain higher than usual time in the body. So it is not recommended during pregnancy to experience a sudden weight loss which also changes the carbohydrate intake.


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